Turn To Baby Furniture Shops For Your Baby Furniture Needs

Preparing for a new baby can be an exciting time. There are plenty of things that need doing and plenty of changes that need making to your home. From time saving life hacks for parents, to beautiful decorations for the baby’s bedroom, there is a lot that needs doing before your baby arrives. If you want to make your baby’s new nursery as homely, safe and secure as possible, then should turn to specialist kid furniture stores to find the perfect furniture for your baby’s new room.

If you choose to turn to specialist baby furniture stores then you will be sure to be able to find the best furniture for your new kid. Buying kid furniture is very different from buying furniture for the rest of your home because baby furniture has to have a lot of special features. Baby furniture cannot have sharp corners, rough edges or loose components because all of these things could be harmful to the new born baby. It is also important to make sure that the finish on the product or paint which has been used on the product is not harmful to the baby. Some paints or varnishes may be toxic to young children and therefore should be avoided on all kid furniture. If you buy your furniture from a specialist furniture store you will know that the store has made every effort to ensure that these products are safe for babies. These furniture shops would not risk selling anything that was unsafe because this could ruin their reputation and cost them their business.

Baby furniture shops will also sell the furniture which visually appropriate. Although newborn babies do not have perfected eyesight yet they are still able to recognise bright colours and shapes. Baby furniture which makes use of bright colours and shapes can help to stimulate your baby and encourage improved brain function and learning, even at such a young age. Specialist kid furniture designers are aware of the positives associated with certain colours and shapes and they therefore often strive to include these in their designs. Buying the right furniture for your newborn kid can help to start your kid of on the right foot.

Specialist baby furniture stores are also more likely to have alternative products which are designed for babies which have unique needs. Not all babies are the same and some babies need extra care. It is possible to buy special furniture which enables parents to give their babies the extra care that they need.

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Choosing Nursery Furniture

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing nursery furniture. First, there is the style or theme that you will decorate the child’s nursery in. There are many ideas, styles, and d├ęcor choices readily available to ensure that every nursery has the finished look desired. However, it is also common for many nurseries to undergo a series of changes throughout the years. When choosing nursery furniture it is often best to choose styles that will easily blend and compliment a variety of themes. For instance, if you were decorating with a classic childhood character theme, it is better to choose furniture that is a solid color and use decorations to bring out the theme, rather than selecting nursery furniture that may be painted or permanently decorated with a specific theme. When you represent the style or theme of the nursery through items that are easily changed, and select nursery furniture that is solid, and in neutral colors, you can rest assured that if you decide to change the theme, your nursery furniture will fit right in.

In addition to choosing nursery furniture that will not become outdated due to its style, it’s also important to make certain that the nursery furniture that you select is safe. There is no doubt about it. When it comes to any item in the nursery, safety comes first. Choose nursery furniture that was crafted or manufactured with safety issues in mind. Children must be safe in every environment and the nursery should be one of the safest rooms for children. This means that you should ensure that the manufacturer has taken extra precautions in the design and construction of the nursery furniture to ensure its safety. Some features that you should look for include sturdy bases that help the nursery furniture to be resistant to falls, hinges that are slow to close, and breathable spaces to ensure that children cannot become trapped inside of furniture. Making sure that the furniture you select is safe is the number one priority when choosing nursery furniture.

Just as safety is of key importance, it’s also a good idea to select pieces that are versatile. This ensures that as your child grows, the nursery furniture that you’ve selected will grow with your child. There are many pieces that are convertible and can be adjusted or transformed into different pieces of furniture that your child will use as he or she grows. By choosing these pieces of furniture in beautiful neutral tones, you won’t have to worry about the furniture looking too babyish as your child grows.

Wooden furniture is often an investment that will reward you with many years of enjoyment. Wooden cribs come in a variety of tones and many manufacturers craft these cribs to transform to a toddler bed, even a twin-sized bead with head and footboard. Cris and cots are one of the most important pieces of nursery furniture that you will own. When you choose a crib or cot that will grow with your child, you are investing in a high quality piece of nursery furniture that will last for many years to come.

Baby Nursery Furniture a Booming Market!

Baby nursery furniture and baby crib sets are a growing category, representing $1.1 billion at retail last year, and expected to grow to $1.4 billion by 2009. Today’s baby furniture varies quite a bit in style, price and selection, and at over a billion dollars, there is room for a wide range of manufacturers in the nursery furniture field.

There are many top manufacturers in the nursery furniture category. The baby furniture category includes nursery furniture for children from birth through 2 years, including painted baby furniture, nursery crib furniture, bassinets, a baby table for changing diapers, glider rockers, rocking chairs, dressers, chests, armoires and bookcases. Basically anything you would purchase at a baby store while furniture shopping.

Although most of the parents claimed that they mostly shopped at discount stores they admittedly would make more extravagant purchases at a specialty baby store if there was something they really wanted. A Gen X mom talked about children strollers. She paid $300 for a stroller because she liked the features. So if a parent is willing to spend $300 on a stroller which is typically a smaller ticket item in comparison to nursery furniture what are they willing to spend on a nursery crib, an item that’s use is far more than the use of a stroller.

Things like blankets, strollers, a nursery crib mattress, a toddler bed and accessories or items that would be bought for nursery gifts or baby gifts, or furniture for children over the age of 2 are not included in the category being discussed as leading infant bedroom furniture manufacturers. This is primarily nursery furniture for babies 2 and under in the strictest sense of the word.

According to Kids Today’s exclusive Buying Trends Survey, 2.2% of U.S. households bought a nursery crib in 2004, and 2.7% bought other baby furniture. The median price point for a nursery crib in 2004 was $150, with those consumers planning to buy a nursery crib in 2005 saying they planned to spend a median of $200. Even still, 18% of consumers who bought a nursery crib in 2004 paid $500 or more.

What this tells me is that although 18% of parents purchasing a nursery crib probably planned to purchase practically but when push came to shove they were willing to spend on average and extra $300 above and beyond what they initially planned to spend. Why is this? Is it because we are seduced by all the new-fangled cribs such as the newer style of the round crib and the BRAND-NEW Corner cribs (shaped to fit in a corner)? It is common knowledge that the median prices of these specialty cribs cost much more than the traditional rectangle cribs. As far as infant furniture goes round baby cribs are a fairly new concept. I do not even remember them being available when I had my first child. Since a separate room for a baby nursery is not always an option some parents feel that the round baby cribs and corner cribs which is a new concept is the way to go, they are both big space savers.

The Beauty of Maple Baby Furniture

Maple is one of the most prized trees when it comes to timber production. Hard maple is the wood of choice in making furniture. Maple as hardwood is one of the most resilient and strongest varieties of wood there is. Because of this, maple has been the hardwood of choice for numerous kinds of solid wood furniture, ranging from beds to cabinets. In fact, maple wood is so strong that it is the wood used for baseball bats and even bowling pins and lanes.

Maple is also used as high quality tonewood. The wood of maple carries sound excellently, so this makes it an essential component of wooden instruments. The wood of maple produces strong and bright sounds, making it one of the major tonewoods other than mahogany. Guitar necks, bodies and fingerboards are made out of maple. Other string instruments are made of maple wood.

Maple wood as a raw material for solid wood furniture is not only valued for its strong and resilient qualities, but also because of its beautiful patterns and grain. If cut, the wood displays beautiful colors and patterns that appear great on solid wood furniture. These patterns appear if the wood is sawn a certain way, and the patterns and colors that appear differ from method to method. The patterns are what make maple wood furniture exquisite and unique. Because of this, maple furniture have this signature look that exudes classic and clean vibes. It adds much needed drama and color to an otherwise colorless and lifeless room. Its grain looks very traditional and quiet, but not too quiet that it does not command attention. Its simplicity does command attention and praise. This is also the reason why solid wood furniture made from maple are the antiques of the next generation.

In this article we will discuss one specific place in the house where maple furniture could be most helpful. Babies need all the comfort and safety that they can get since they are growing and developing. All the things that are used by the baby should be very well known by the parents to ensure the safety of their child. Everything is checked and rechecked, even the baby furniture.

For baby furniture, it is always best that one get organic solid wood furniture to ensure the furniture’s quality and safety of the baby. But does this mean that one needs to sacrifice several characteristics of a piece of baby furniture just to make sure that it is safe? This need not be the case. There are baby furniture like a baby crib that are organically grown and are constructed with the best quality ever.

A baby crib is one of the things that a baby is most exposed to. The baby plays in it, lies in it, and sleeps in it. Because of this there are many considerations that parents need to made aware of when shopping for baby furniture. Parents tend to leave out some considerations and take those that are not exactly that important.

Getting maple baby furniture for your little bundle of joy is not the parents’ priority. A reason is that it maple furniture are seen as luxury items, and so the cheaper baby furniture are what they get. Because of this, many parents lean towards buying baby cribs that are not that nicely made, but are seemingly high quality. Little do they know that opting for the cheaper alternative would make them suffer more eventually. This article would present three advantages of getting a maple baby crib made out of pure and original solid wood. Solid wood furniture are sure to last a lifetime and so you would expect us more in here. Here are several r

The New Baby Crib For Today’s Mom

There are many styles of baby cribs available on the market today from which to choose. Most parents tend to purchase full size baby cribs for their newborn babies. But there are some advantages to purchasing and utilizing portable baby cribs or portable convertible cribs rather than a full sized crib. When you bring your newborn baby home from the hospital you want to be as close as possible to your baby at all times. The convenience of the portable baby cribs and portable convertible cribs is the best choice as this baby crib can be moved wherever Mom is at all times. When a new mother comes home from the hospital they are still recuperating from having their baby and they need their rest. In addition, if the mother has had a Cesarean birth, she will be exhausted and will especially need rest; just walking from the couch to the nursery can be laboring for her. Baby can be transported right beside the mother wherever she goes in her home. These beds are great for both stationary and portable use. These beds are excellent for small rooms where a regular size crib may be too large.

There is ease for mother when utilizing portable baby cribs or portable convertible cribs. The four positions that the crib mattresses can be placed into makes for ease getting baby in and out of these baby cribs. The portable baby cribs and portable convertible cribs are great for positioning right beside the parent’s bed during the night hours. These portable cribs can be rolled into a stationary position and wheels locked for the night, right beside the parental bed. For nap time you may find that it is easier to roll these portable baby cribs or portable convertible cribs to a place you designate in the living room for your baby to nap, especially good if your bedroom is some distance from the main areas of the house. You will enjoy the flexibility of rolling the bed to wherever you are working or relaxing in your home at all times. You can roll it from room to room during the day. If you are watching television or wherever you may be, baby can be right beside you at all times.

For those parents who will be traveling with their baby, these beds are even more so needed. Since the baby has been sleeping in the portable crib portable convertible crib, baby is familiar with their own bed and will experience fewer traumas from sleeping in a strange bed. Many hotels offer cribs, some do not, but these can create a strange environment for the baby. Babies will sleep much better in their comfort zone, in their very own cribs. Because of this portable baby cribs or portable convertible cribs are great options for traveling parents. Both parents and baby can get some much needed rest at night. If you decide to have your child stay with a relative or with grandparents, bring your baby’s portable crib or portable convertible crib. The child will rest much better in their own bed. These portable baby cribs and portable convertible cribs are travel-friendly as well. They are lightweight, some weighing only around 32 lbs., making for an easy item when traveling or storing.

The portable baby cribs and portable convertible cribs make for an easy conversion to a playpen for playtime. Many of these cribs can be changed from a crib position into a playpen position in one hand. These portable baby cribs and portable convertible cribs can be placed in a living room corner as a play area for baby, especially when your baby begins to be a “little crawler”. When the “little crawler” stage begins, the portable convertible cribs can be easily transformed into a toddler bed. This option makes the portable convertible cribs much more cost effective as it grows with the child. It can be utilized in many different ways as the child’s needs change with age.

There are some important safety concerns to remember when purchasing a portable crib. Make sure that the portable cribs or portable convertible cribs that you purchase have the hooded locking wheels, non toxic paint/stain finish and a safe (non-drop) side rail design. Making sure your crib has a reputable seal of safety will insure a safe crib for baby.